About Us

From initial concept to finished interior

We have at our disposal paintings drawings and sculpture, artefacts in glass, wood and metal plus the latest developments in technology. All these contribute to our ability to provide a unique character and ambience

In cooperation with the best polish and international architectural practices, we can provide decorative artefacts from wide cultural background

Offer for everyone

Our target clients are hotels, offices, hotels, private apartments and any other spaces which require a new shine and a new quality.

We offer a wide choice of products. According to requirements of our clients and specification of interior We can provide original paintings of well-known Polish artists and also the best quality copies of the most known artists, photography and posters.

Interior decorations

At the interior design we use works by Polish artists, painters, sculptors and photographers. The works represent different trends and styles. As a result, we always have the opportunity to select the right work best for designed interiors.